Stage 1

We support your business in organizing its public relations activities and making strategic decisions on the best way to communicate with target audiences.

Become a recognized face in the industry

PR strategy consists of:

1. Reviewing of current business PR

2. Setting goals and objectives

3. Identifying target audiences and target markets

4. Market review

5. Formulating key messages for your target audience

6. Organizing channels for communication with the target audience

7. Development of tactics

8. Establishing a time frame

9. Structuring a system to measure your PR KPI


Stage 2

We help your business communicate with its target audience, scale brand awareness, and gain your clients' loyalty.

Solidify and expand your presence on the market

PR campaign consists of:

1. PR strategy setup

2. A list of media and influencers to target

3. Development of infopods map

4. Creation of press releases

5. Articles

6. Conception of PR guide

7. Initiating publications and interviews (organic and paid) up to 30 per month

8. Event planning and management of up to 5 per month


Stage 3

We bring customers, prospects, and partners together for thought leadership, product demonstration, and networking.

Achieve meaningful connections in both local and international markets

Roadshow consists of:

1. Identifying the Roadshow's goals and target

2. Development of the Roadshow Map

3. Organization of each event during the Roadshow

4. Ideation of topics, content, and pitch decks

5. Training the CEO / Founders for the Roadshow

6. Presentation of the company at the event

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