Stage 1

Gaining a market overview is the first fundamental step you need to do before starting your project or advertising campaign. This type of research is decisive in helping you set yourself apart from your competitors and choosing the best strategy for your business.

The building blocks of a successful business

Our market overview consists of:

1. Demographics and segmentation

2. Target market overview

3. Target audience overview

4. Market needs

5. Competitor overview

6. Entry barriers

7. Regulations

• Target research as an optional service

We can also provide any individual analysis unit of your choice.


Stage 2

A business strategy will determine your course of action or list of decisions that help you achieve specific business objectives or attract investors.

How to skyrocket your business

Business strategy consists of:

1. Market overview

2. Business goals setup

3. SWOT analysis

4. Client segmentation

5. Client sales funnel

6. Value proposition development

7. Tactics for each unit: CEO, CMO, CBDO, CTO, COO, and CLO

8. Business strategy for 1 to 5 years


Stage 3

We find new ways to develop and grow your business.

Scale in the right direction

Growth strategy consists of:

1. Business strategy evaluation

2. Market review

3. Product analysis

4. Business processes examination

5. Sales assessment

6. Marketing appraisal

7. Team and management review

8. Identification of business growth points

9. Development of an internal growth strategy:

• Market development

• Product development

• Diversification

• Modernization

10. Development of an external growth strategy:

• Joint ventures

• Mergers

11. Development of the final growth strategy with specific tactics for each department and business unit

You can order separate research or business plan development units or all available services with the Full Product Package.

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