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George Paliani

My name is George Paliani.

I have been working as a business consultant for 12 years. I help projects grow, attract investment, increase sales, and conduct effective marketing and PR campaigns.

Through my experience, I've gained a unique combination of skills from working with IT and crypto projects, traditional businesses, and government agencies.

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Now, I represent my boutique agency because I believe that a personal brand means personal responsibility, precisely what modern business needs.

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My team will review your startup idea and develop a business plan based on straightforward ways of monetization, including:

  • Market overview

  • Business strategy

  • Growth strategy

Full Product Package

My team will set up a PR campaign covering TOP business and crypto media, including:

  • PR strategy

  • PR campaigns

  • Digital and offline Roadshows

PR and events

My team will develop and implement a growth hacking strategy to help you acquire and retain as many customers as possible:

  • Growth marketing strategy development

  • Growth marketing strategy implementation

Growth Marketing

My team will provide you with a turnkey IR counsel:

  • Investor list formation

  • The full package of documents for investors

  • Deal closing


I offer tailored consultations:

  • Business consulting and solutions

Business Adviser

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6 reasons to choose Paliani Business Consulting

1. Superior education

I received a higher education in top European Universities: Humboldt University, MGIMO, Sodertorn University, Diplomatic Academy, and Uppsala University. I also speak six languages.


2. Deserved reputation

I have been working in the global market for over a decade, and I value my reputation. My clients and team members are satisfied with my performance.

3. Cost optimization

I'm an entrepreneur, just like you, and understand how important it is to spend money wisely and efficiently, so I avoid overspending. I put together a hand-picked and specialized team for each project.

4. Measurable results

I always execute work per the agreed KPIs, which allows you to track progress and see the results.

5. Global market outreach

Thanks to 12 years of working in the industry, I have collected a database of top experts, investors, and the best professionals in my field. I would be happy to share my valuable resources with you.

6. Efficiency and individual approach

We can start our collaboration within 6 hours after signing the contract. My work is done according to your personal requirements and needs.

Paliani Business Consulting cases and results

Smart Valley

• Over 100 hot leads of clients
• $5,000,000 of investments

• $500,000 worth of investments were raised via Linkedin
• Successful global Roadshow from Japan to USA

• Revenue has grown six times in 12 months


• Over 1,000 new clients
• Over $1,000,000 in deposits


• 100 hot leads of investors


• Asian investment fund
• American investment fund

• Around $2 mil was raised during IDO


• Successful event organization

• $190 000 of investments



Blockchain Solutions Forum



Aurora Blockchain Capital

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